April Voth, General Manager

Ms. Voth has been a member of both Fanshawe Chorus London and the former Chamber Choir for nearly eighteen years.

As a volunteer, Ms. Voth served primarily on the Public Relations Committee, where she was instrumental in initiating the organization's first website, the name change to Fanshawe Chorus London, new logos and an integrated approach to marketing, in addition to preparing Press Releases. She also contributed as a member of the Singathon Committee, and was a member of the Strawberries & Champagne in the Country Silent Auction Committee for the Chamber Choir.

Ms. Voth brings more than fifteen years' experience in Information Technology as a certified Human Resources Manager, with expert knowledge in Marketing, Event Planning and General Office Management, to administering the organization, in addition to four years' as Director of the International Movie Series, a major Fundraising and Volunteer Initiative for Museum London.

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