Will you make a difference in a young person's life today?

As one of London Ontario's longest continuously performing choral arts organization, we rely on a variety of sources of revenue to maintain our commitment to artistic excellence. Our most vital source of revenue are donations from individuals like you. Your generosity helps to ensure we continue to provide an opportunity for rising young stars to sing with a semi-professional chorus as they build professional classical musical careers, at ticket prices affordable to all.

You can direct your gift of $1000 | $500 | $300 | $250 | $50 | $25 be used toward the purchase of new repertoire, salaries for soloists or orchestra members, or alternatively, operating expenses or the endowment fund. Directing your gift to the Endowment Fund allows us to access the Canadian Heritage Foundation's program of matching grants, essentially doubling your contribution.

If your business would like to sponsor a Concert please contact us through generalmanager@choruslondon.com. A tax receipt will be generated automatically when using our online donation tool.

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