Release your inner DIVA or DIVO !

We have a 49 year history of providing Symphonic Choral Music Performances within our community and internationally. Choir Members come from all walks of life, but most importantly, love to sing!

In addition to delivering a college level vocal training program, our organization provides a platform for talented emerging solo artists, collaborates with children's choirs from local school boards and area adult choirs, commissions new works of music from Canadian Composers, and offers contract employment for local professional orchestral players.

If you read music and have choral experience, you are a perfect fit for our organization! At the audition you will be asked to:

  1. Perform a number of warm-up exercises to test your vocal ability and range
  2. Sing one piece either on your own or with piano accompaniment
  3. Sight read a section of music typical to the level required during a concert season

We will be holding auditions throughout the year. Send an email to to arrange an audition or for additional information.

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